Critters Card Game | Escape from the Zoo and a Menagerie of Other Games

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The games your family can play include:
• Escape from the Zoo
be the first to release all your animals
• Guess My Critter
players try to guess each other's animal
• Zoo By Two
a matching game
• Zoominoes
a connections-style game
• Scattered
a memory game
• 1-2-3 Flip!
a fast thinking matching game
• Critter War
a battle based on points for two players
• Alpha Zoo
a sequential alphabet game
• Alpha Battle
winner takes all
• Attributes
grab cards based on attribute for most points
• Collector
collect the most animals to win.
Critters is a set of 100 animal cards that can be played as a variety of family games. Each card has an animal, a point value and attributes for the animal. The age range is three to 103.